MDM Escapes is a fee-based, travel consulting business.
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Hotels and Resorts

Hotel, resort, or cruise booking only - Complimentary
Hotel and/or cruise research, booking and management – Starting at $75 per trip

Custom Itineraries

The Custom Itinerary fee covers research and booking for all aspects of a trip. This fee will be set after the initial consultation and will vary depending on the complexity and length of the trip and the amount of research and work involved. It will be charged at the time of proposal delivery, regardless of whether a client books the trip through us. When a client does book through us, that fee will go towards travel support and booking of the trip. It does not include air travel.*

Custom Itinerary Fee - Starting at $150*

Custom Itinerary Late Booking Fee (less than 30 days prior to departure) - Starting at $250*

*Brownell Travel Air Desk handles MDM Escapes’ clients’ airfare and charge a per person fee for researching and ticketing